Sunday, March 16, 2014

WHY I love women.

My previous blog post about my love for women stirred up a little dust devil. Not enough to warrant tornado warning but enough to prompt me to explain a few things.

There is indeed a thin line between love and what I shall call lust. It’s almost an imperceptible slide from an admire glance to a leering stare, from suave and cool to creep and gross and the sad thing is that the only way you notice is when the females start giving you a very wide berth.

I will also admit that there are days when my look was not so innocent. I shall not defend that. In fact I shall say I knew what it was. However there are days when my glance was just that a glance and with it an appreciation for the female form. This “other” glance happened often enough for me to start asking the question, “is it possible to actually look at a woman without intent to undress her with your eyes or engage in coitus and or be misunderstood and sent to church to be exorcised of demons of lust” because here I was looking but not having all those bad feelings attached.

This has led me to a couple of questions and conclusions most of them based on common sense and a general remembrance of scripture. Apologies again, I do not normally remember scriptural specifics.
So this is what I think. Eyes were made for looking, bodies for admiring and the brain and heart for regulation while the bible provided the said regulation and code of conduct.

I love women’s bodies. Yes I do. I am sorry ladies but a walking brain is not that attractive. A brain within a beautiful shaped head with a pleasant face; now that is attractive. Like the proverbial chicken and egg type story, I wonder what is worse being stared at too much or not being stared at all.  I am not a woman I will never know.

Just because we have eyes and they have awesome bodies does not mean that we have license to be lascivious. Outer beauty is what attracts the bee, it’s the inner beauty that keeps the bee or keeps it coming back.

I love women because they are not men. I love that they always normally seek togetherness over men’s competitiveness. I like that they intuitively know when you are hurting and somehow have the right thing to say. I love that as a man, my woman’s (is that offensive) support means more to me than anything and gives me courage to attempt to climb mountains.

I love their brains. I love a woman who can read, and cook and watch TV at the same time. I just love that they can do that. I love that women see beyond just the chiseled chin and statuesque figure to the kind, gentle man within.
They are mothers, carers and nurturers and they don’t even have to be their own kids. My mother is a woman. That counts as a reason to I think hehehe.

Women are resilient, resourceful and strong. They endure the greatest storms and still come out radiant and beautiful most of the times. They never stop loving. They would die for those they love. They are open with their sentiment and professions of said love.

They are gently, kind, thoughtful and many times generous. They cry….yeah I know that does not seem like a positive but trust me a good cry sometimes beats a good gym workout.

From the top of their heads to the tips of their toes; from the depths of their hearts to the widths of their hips women are awesome. They are awesome and mysterious in so many ways I am struggling to find a way to list the. Simply put women are women and that’s awesome.

This is the other side of the beauty coin. We need both sides, at least as men and both sides are what make up beauty. While beauty (on the outside at least) is only skin deep, the insides without the skin would be fascinating but a little creeps I think and all those aeriform goodness would have no individuality or identity.

It would be impossible to list down the WHY of my love for women but I hope I let those around me know every day that they are beautiful both inside and out.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I Love Women.

I Love women. I wish I could back that up with some spiritual jazz and perhaps a few scripturally correct placements of women, showing how they helped me achieve some spiritual ideal. But sadly that is not there.
I just love women. And I love to look at women and no I do not mean porn.

I have been cursed with what I call the triple blade of ecstasy. Yeah I know that sounds weird. But I will explain.

I am a sanguine. According to all the reading I have done sanguines have a weakness of the fair sex and this ranges from the harmless friendzoned nice guy to the full blown ladies’ man cherry popper to the downright low dirty hit and run player. For us women are a special constellation under whose stars we are always happy and giddy. It does help that we and the ladies get along.

I am a choleric. This is my more dominant personality trait. It has along of dark over tones but the most relevant one here is the fact that I have an eye for detail. Trust me I notice the weirdest and smallest things. For many of my friends, especially the ladies, this has been both a curse and a blessing.

Thirdly, I am an artist. I come from a long line of artists. This allows me to appreciate the simplest things and see beauty as it is. Anyone who has done a simple course in are knows that the female form is a big part of art. All manner of art based on the female form. Enough said.

To this already volatile mix add a dash of the male gender and you have an explosive mix, Trinitrotoluene baby.

But what’s the use of all this random information. I have no idea. For a long time I have struggled with the fact that I actually love looking at women. In my early years this was directed to pornography and objectifying women. I noticed that it made me look at women with motives of the acts that I had seen on the screen. Being a hormonal teenage adolescent did not help. It took me a while to wash that stuff out of my system but honestly even now it’s one of those skills we practice every day. Covenant with our eyes sort of thing.

The other thing that happened when I was much older was that I found that I was able to look at women without the attending weird motive. I could actually appreciate the art in some of these paintings and photographs. And I was totally confused. Had I stopped being sensitive and was I now enjoying this stuff because my conscience and spirit was seared? Could I not appreciate beauty without it feeling dirty and wrong?

I suspect that conundrum was made us start the whole beauty on the inside business. While I agree with it, I think its one side of the equation. There needs to be the other side that balances it out. These two as one part of the calculation are worked out with God’s word and his will on the other side allowing us to seek, find and walk in that narrow path so to speak.

A word of caution though.  I could use the above argument to mask a porno habit, or lust full tendency…it’s a thin line between art, eroticism and pornography. To stay Pure is a constant daily battle and I bring myself before God daily even as I buffet my flesh.

A word on porn. I cannot stumble upon porn today without being made sick by it. some may say this is the best example of women liberation and sexual freedom but there is nothing beautiful or virtuous about porn. its gross and sad.

A word on sexcentric pics. i love photographs and follow many blogs pro and otherwise. i alway get pics of selfies showing off ass or figure, which in themselves are not sinful, God forbid that they were cause we all have one and some bigger than others, but when your sexual bits (for lack of a better word) are all you are proud of or all you seek or see as a man, both the viewer and the picture taker make me sad.

Please share, what are your views on beauty especially physical beauty.