Monday, May 28, 2012

A Beautiful Mind

There are those that we often overlook when we consider genius or intelligence. They are the beautiful minds that are beautiful for beauty’s sake. They are not astrophysicists or super activists nor leaders in innovation or leaders at all.

They are not tethered to an ambition that wants to see an end to world hunger nor bring about world peace. They are beautiful for beauty’s sake. They take in life with full senses. They enjoy their little “uniquitities” for what they are; special moments in time that are meant to be enjoyed for what they are.

They see the world differently. They see the extra colour our eyes can’t decode and hear the sound and sights of a thousand different worlds and possibilities. And when they do this, they do not run of and write a book, or compose a symphony…no they enjoy the moment for what it is, LIFE.

They change the world by being themselves. They do not apologise for who they are and the way they look at the world. Yes, the world thinks them odd but they somehow hover above this all and shrug it all off because Life, the Present has so much more joy to offer and so  many more moments of enjoyment to be wasted on people who think they are not normal.

Yes they do feel burdened by these “abilities” cause they are normally quiet, shy and socially awkward individuals. This does bother them cause I believe deep down in their hearts they want to share this but most ofus are too caught up with the possibilities to involve ourselves with the present.

I have seen these people around me. I enjoy their company, their presence and their essence. They make me happy not because they do things for me but simply because they are who they are.
They are beautiful for beauties sake.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My God is bigger than a top of the range luxury car.

Recently while navigating the tedious, pot hole ridden streets of kampala city, I together with my passenger got to talking about blessing. When I say got to talking I mean that loosely. What I meant to say is that our conversation eventually drifted like most do from topic to topic till we ended up at blessings.

Having been poor most of my childhood and though statistically I am still part of the millions poor I am now barely hanging onto the poverty, I have cried out many times to God to bless me. The prayer of Jabez has been one I have read and meditated and uttered many time. I still long for that kind of blessing.

I wondered on how people use objects or material things as a sign of their being blessed. Actually many times we ask that God would bless me with a car or a house or a job. I then theorised that since cars, houses and jobs are not monopolies of the born again maybe it would make a lot more sense to ask for something with a lot more substance.

This stems from my pursuit of these items and anytime I have wielded them for any great amount of time I found that I become bored and either discarded them or got hungrier for more. How many cars, if cars are God measure of blessing, would God have to give you to show he really favours you? If the number is not the key then maybe make and model. What happens after you get the latest and ‘bestest’ car german and Italian combined genius can produce? What then? It could then maybe swing to price and so the more expensive the better right? If you achieved this what then would you be left with? Some argue that you probably would not get to that point and I agree because by them you would be depressed and would have ended your life no by driving one of your really exquisite, expensive, super fast cars into a wall.

So if exponential material wealth may not always mean your blessed by the Lord what then does being blessed mean.

After an exhaustive search and research, about 20 minutes or so, I have come to the conclusion that blessings of which material gain is and was one of the signs was always in response to something we did for God. Hint: its not stuff that he does not really need.

Basically it was in response to a life of obedience and service. In was so in the case of Jabez, who asked that he be blessed beyond measure as a stark contrast to his name which was really not so cool. Jabez prayed,

1 Chron 4:10
“that thine hand might be with me, and that thou wouldest keep me from evil, that it may not grieve me!” KJV

Blessings were not because of the acts of obedience per se but because of obedience. Why the semantics. Well one puts the focus on the act which down the road gives birth to a very pharasee mentality while the other puts the focus on obedience which then opens the floor up for the “weaK” and “meek” in faith putting the so called spiritual giants on the same footing as the  everyday people.

It also draws the focus away from man and his actions and puts them on Christ and his Spirit, constantly working with and in us to obey the will of God and his word.

It therefore is not dependant on how fat your tithe or offering is or how big your sacrifice is but on whether you did what God asked you to do. He then blessed you because of that and because mean like signs and the world has a very limited inventory of things that impress them he gives them the physical stuff as well.

But look in the Word of God and see how many people had an eye on the bigger picture and what they benefited from it. For most, like Paul, it was blessing enough that he  found forgiveness for his persecution of the church, all the other stuff was  just a bonus. In truth, for many of us that should be blessing enough but we seek, like Elisha’s servant, the material things more.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want God to bless me with a car. I don’t want that to be the biggest example of what a Divine blessing is. Four wheels and mechanics. No I want Gods sign of a blessing to me to be those things that mostly cannot be seen with the eye nor measured but that are fixed on the bigger picture and the welfare of my fellow man.

Next time God is blessing people let him throw me some patience, more love, more hope maybe even some endurance and perseverance cause the cars  and what not will come, and even if they do not come I shall know I am blessed because my God is bigger than a top of the range luxury car.

So God bless me with the virtues of the God head and bless me too with a long life that I may spend my days spreading you around…and if you want to throw in a Mercedes GL , I will not say no. lol.

feel free to point out the heresy...i shall promptly unfriend you hehe

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Power of a DOT

Moral here: really small but really useful.

In someone journal it can mean something naughty and kinky and because you are all stray I shall not have to explain this further.

In numbers it can mean something really small. It can literally reduce the values therein for example 0.01. 0r 00.1 Sadly putting one between the numbers representative of your weight does not have the same effect on your pounds in real life.

The 3 dots after every sentence…not sure what those mean…but I guess they are to signify some sort of flourish or….suspense before another statement or that…more is to come.

Or simply that your fat fingers leaned on the full stop button too long…

On your face this really means you gots lots of pimples and need to go get some acne cream.

Several dots means you should sign there especially if the above words mean you are just about to enter the world of the rich and famous or that your boss will give you a raise.

In some areas it’s a hint to follow them to a desired place or location…follow the dotted line………………………………………………………………… this last portion of the sentence.
They can be used , if creatively arrange to for a picture. This can be amusing and a useful way to consume time as you wait for whatever else you have to wait.

When a letter is little it has a DOT above it like all the (i) here and when it has grown it has none of that. So all the following letters are juniors…i and j and that about it…..

The dot also means fulls stop. It means the end, finished, nada…that there is nothing more to come after It and you should really go back to work now.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A journey into alien horticulture and sustainable development:

Ohn Tuk Gore: Chief environmental expert

If the evolutionists can be believed we have clawed our way from primordial soup slowly adapting to the environment until voilĂ  we have developed into these bipeds with developed brains and an insatiable desire for drink and illicit sex.

This journey of a thousand miles was began on one fateful day of boredom when some life forms figured, “hell we can’t just sit here all our lives” and began swimming,  swimming,  swimming till they came to the edge of their world and from there they just kept swimming. These energetic little buggers then reached terra firma where they spent a few gasping moments by the beach staring at the sun…or whatever it is that illuminated their world. Their little fish gill…wait their little life form breathing apparatus slowly, over the course of a day or so, evolved into complex air breathing apparatus.

One fellow called Johnny looked at his friends and quite bored, again, and parched said to his companions, “Let’s keep walking”. This fishy thing came to be known as John the walker and was the first in the line of many John Walkers who, driven by their primordial thirst first developed a really tough drink later known as Johnnie’s Walker later named Johnnie Walker which was ironic because the later really did not make anybody walk but fall flat on their face. It still does many years later.

But I digress, back to the walking, which must have been difficult really because it was a foreign world and the concept rather new, mind boggling even. Anyway with each little…hmmmm….walking apparatus they then…ambled forward…which was rather excruciating I must say but endure they did and somewhere down the road their fragile little fins got the hang of it and soon they were running along as far away from their watery world as their little fins could carry them.

Over several miles and generations this primordial horde was becoming too large. Along the way they had developed into quite the race with such advanced technology that their watery counterparts were most of the time blown away.

It was this rapid promulgation of the species that caused the various little creatures, which in all honesty were not so little anymore and looked nothing like their ancestors, to hit the top and ricochet into various directions hence becoming the seeds of the various nations. Ma-Ah Semba-Tya a little lively fellow known for his love of lying in the sun too long wished to find warmer climes and hence veered off to what was later known as Africa. He just wanted to get away and the warmer it was the better. He was quite hard to miss seeing as he had become darker from all that lying in the sun business, or was it the gods that cursed him. No one really knows.

By the way G.O.D. was a concept developed by the various evolvers to explain things they could not explain. It later developed into a multi million dollar industry but was inknown to its many proponents hurtling to its destruction as the hands of science millennia later. They did not know this back then but it was…seriously.

Any way James got carried away by a cyclone and was deposited on a small section of coast that years laters, for reason really not known to him, was jerked from the rest of where he used to be. One moment he woke up and he found himself all stranded on an island that weirdly enough came to be known as England. This was particularly weird becaue ENG was normally used to express atmost shock. So when he woke up early that morning and looked out his window all James could cry was ,”Ennng”. His neighbours heard him and called it Ennng-Land.

A couple other veered off and settled in what was later to become Canada and USA. I shall skip over this section because they have quite the garish grooming methods. Their barbers miss the mark altogether and many people end up with the most horrid bold spots ever seen.

A few others headed of in this way and that, each adapting along the way and developing some astounding abilities. There are those who were known for copying other peoples stuff, and still others known for high end tech stuff. Some just become good at making other peoples stuff cheaper and faster and not always better. There are too many to note down here but walk down to any decent library and there a many a book to explain this stuff to you.

All the while these guys kept walking and once they got tired of that they developed other ways to move about with each new one becoming faster and faster and faster. When they got tired of writing letters which took month to reach anywhere they turned their attention to that and broke many a milestone in that area. When that become boring they turned to the stars. Now that is where the trouble started.

Let me interject here and insert a bit of history. During all this helter-skelter run to get away from the boredom of their ancestors’ lives to deal with their boredom they started something called the industrial revolution. This really got things going because they came up with machines to do everything and soon people, tired of farming went to work in factories which took produce and made stuff out of it like it took cows and made ice cream and cheese and stuff. All you needed to do was throw a cow in at one end and with the touch a burton and the turn of a dial you got some pretty amazing stuff out the other end.

But this method of doing things was really thirsty. Because it was so first it required millions and millions of “raw materials” to make stuff. This meant that the earth had to produce more and more and well mother nature could not keep up.

This then brings me back to the starts and the earth and that horticulture I was talking about. Unknown to the humans, that is what they called themselves, there was another race that has taken this journey before them and it had been watching them for a while.

Alien aka Aliano. They get really brownish reddish
when  they are mad.
This race was so much more advanced with a penchant for green living. It was not pleased at this and eventually sent some expeditions to earth to assess the damage. These expeditions were funded by the Unilateral Life Form Regenerations and Sustainability Association which was then shortened to Unilateral Life Form Organisation also known as UFO for short. Any way couple of them were sent out and each of them came back saying the same thing which was that we had made a mess of things and a couple even said they got a glimpse of the very primitive life forms there.

Any who there were so cross at what we had done with the world that they sent out probes which were stuck peoples bottoms to try and deal with green house gasses and when that did not work they just sent ‘Noah’s Ark’ probes that collected a male and female pair of every species on the earth . They then sent one of their chaps to inform us of the eviction notice they were giving and ideally ‘poof’ was supposed to be the next thing on the agenda.

Well we all survived this with promises to do better. Its was really a big deal back then. It was recently made into a movie. You might have seen it. The threat of eviction still stands though but has hat to be enforced.

 Besides by that time I am sure we would have eaten our selves out of health and home and they will not have to do anything about it may be except just some ploughing, bush fallowing and replanting of stuff and then they can send back all our kidnapped species and set the ball in motion all over again.

I sure hope johnnie boy does make it out as well cause his liquor is mind boggling to say the least.

Form and Function

Form is followed by Punctuation…

I mean seriously form is followed by punctuation mostly exclamation marks. Where did this all come from? Well the other day, while walking the streets of this fine, fine city kampala, I see this lady across the street and I stop.

She starts to cross the street. I stop. She is of average height and slight build. Her FORM is not too much and not too little but what gets me is her legs. She was not wearing one of those contrivances now days called skirts but a beautiful floral dress stopping just below her knees. It was the perfect frame to the work of art that stuck out from below.

Boy let me tell you, there was some serious punctuation of exclamation about that form. These fine works of are tapered off to perfect feet clad is great heels. I had to look up. As a whole, the aesthetic was not at all unpleasant to the eye and it was welcome.

It took me a while to realise that I was supposed to cross the street and so shaking my head to dispel the visual, i cleared my throat and cross.

The rest of the day I pondered form. Why? Well this woman captured my attention just like that (insert fingers snapping here). I can tell you that there was nothing evil or lustful about my admiration. Here I was following some ancient written code about a man and a maiden.

And I laughed and mused with God, asking him about all this and you know what, that was the sole intention. Beauty, form was following the function of attraction and possible courtship and marriage and then children and so on and so on.

It is essential to the continuity of this planet. But ours goes beyond just animal instinct. So he gives us guidelines on how all this works out and follows. Through his guidance and instruction he creates a musical beyond our wildest dreams, a dance that takes us to great heights and places we could have only dreamed, he writes a symphony of the ages, one that captures and enchants. His form follows the function of love and attraction.


in case you are having trouble rocking those jeans