Monday, February 1, 2016

A case for the little man...(me obsessing over dreams)

As navigate this world, constantly trying to figure out what really works for me and where I shall strike it rich I have tried a number of things? Selling phones was the more interesting one but I never had that shadowy thing called "investment capital" and since I sucked at this whole proposal writing and pitching for funds I sort of did not make it. I tried my hand at selling land and cars but that was not any more successful.

I have sold food stuff as a camp but again I had to punt that off to a friend. There are several things in there I have tried I think but in all these endeavours I really was seriously looking for a buck.....Here I was doing odd jobs while I had a degree. It did feel a little menial but I did it because I had to.

each day I walk the streets of Kampala seeing all these people who are doing small odd jobs selling tomatoes, roast meat, Rolexes, clothes, maize or airtime and I wonder how much do they really make and why do they even keep coming back.

I think of all the things I have read in books about expanding and growing your business although I wonder how much can you grow a Rolex business, but that is for another day.

I think of the things that have stood in their way, choked their dreams and tripped them up but still they come out every evening to sell their wares.

I ask if there is anybody willing to walk with them, starting with teaching them that they can be more, do more and then going ahead to show them how.

I ask if their government doing anything to help them, to break the back of the corrupt and tax evaders (many of whom can afford to pay these taxes). Are they stream lining the system for efficiency and equity?

I ask also about our conscience, not towards social justice, though that too is something we are sorely lacking, but towards simple honesty. The idea of paying a fair wage or reasonable price seems foreign to us. You would not believe how “expensive” a 150USD charge is in a budget of 50 times that cost. These little things such as paying fair wage can do so much and make a difference.

Then I think of my struggle and their struggle. I might be a few steps above the ladder from the way the world looks at it but I always aware that our existences are both precarious.

Each day, despite all our hurdles we get up and go and work...that alone I applaud...and each day we try to reach our dreams...

I laud work….however small and I pray we all reach our dreams one odd job at a time.