Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Do you remember that guy who did that thing that really changed lives and altered the way we lived? NO? How about that guy who made that thing that has really made work easier around here? Not him either. How about that guy who wrote that song/book that just inspired you when you are feeling down and blue? Well I am not sure who he is but I think they call him anonymous.

I would like to live this just as it is but I wonder if perhaps it shall not speak as it should. There are days I wonder what the sum of my life on earth will be? I wonder if I shall actually make it to the heights that people allude to. I don’t want to just have existed; I want to have lived a life that made a difference.

I don’t want to be forgotten but I am not sure I want to chase after those things that make one memorable or famous or have like a zillion hits on the internet. I guess what I am saying is that I want my deeds to live on just like that quote that has made the rounds but the writer still remains anonymous. That is the kind of “fame” that I want.

I would that my deeds, words and writings live longer than I do. That the memory of the point I made shall endure long after the memory of me has but that the idea lives on without the taint of me on it.
This brings another dimension to the things we do. Why do we do them? If they would never attribute them to us, and there was no thank you card or ball thrown in your honour or no money to be made or anointing to be had would we do it?

I wonder, “I would do it?”

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