Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Transmogrification...Lost in translation

A lot gets lost in translations, the transition from child to adult robs us of so much more than we are warned and the promise of adult hood is but a mirage, an ethereal experience, a fantasy and a cruel, cruel dream, one that we sadly have to endure for life.

What was once childlike abandon is quickly lost when we grow up; in Uganda it’s probably about the second year after we are released from University. Everything you are taught suddenly seems irrelevant and outdates. This is especially true of the Bible theories we are given. Let’s face it, they are nothing but that and when held against reality they are revealed for what they are, mere veneers of suggested guidelines.

We are thrust into the world and life by extension, terribly unprepared. And while there are some who seem to be happy and happy can be and squeezing out the most of life, the rest of us stumble around wondering what those smiling, happy idiots are smoking and why aren’t they sharing.

But secretly I know they have their moments of despair. Its just that their mask hold up so much better against scrutiny. But if you were to follow them into their deepest, darkest, dreams; you would discover that they too are beaten senseless by life.

Church does not help. Sometimes, to some, it’s the dos and the don’ts. For me is the doubled faced hypocrisy of it. I would just like to take a torch to it all. Yes indeed, they are not unlike white washed tombs. Those entrusted with shining the light and living to a higher standard are the same people who do not live by those principles. Those with the light prefer the shadows and the dark of the night.

But what then is the solution to this. I have found that going back to the word of God with the same childlike abandon we had helps. It helps me at least. I try not to question to much and trust a little more. To rely not always on fact but i have a place for faith as well. And I decided that whatever happened is a human thing and I should not be shocked with it, though I should guard from becoming callous and unfeeling.

Let us not be impervious to life but strong.

God is not dead, we are just sleeping…or some other mundane adult pursuit.

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